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The greatest potential you have is your state of mind , and gaining an understanding of how your mind works is possible here and now.


I invite you  to begin the process of unfolding a dynamic life-changing conversation.

I am curious to begin to know where our conversation will lead  and how this space unfolds for you.

You will  fully understand your true potential and learning about your true nature, your life and your purpose. It's  my  belief that we CAN truly experience more of  life , from any given moment .


Leadership, schools AND FAMILY LIFE RESILIENCY are my signature coaching  offers. I coach leaders, teachers, school based staff and have great experience of young people and of children's coaching, I also volunteer for nhs mental health teams. Your well being is of paramount importance.


Life can seem distressing and overwhelming to us at times. Knowing JUST what is happening, having a simple understanding of the way we create our reality moment to moment AND that we can have  new thinking at any moment , can bring such hope.


With over 25 years experience of leadership coaching at the top level in my sector, I currently have over fifty individual business using my bespoke coaching  services and many families.














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Anni Poole

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