Anni Poole


I am so grateful we talked. I felt as though

my head was bursting and yet I had

deadlines to meet.

Janet ,Council employee


I think it has definitely helped to

shape us as a team - we are more open and honest and

very much a supportive network in terms of leadership

development.  On a personal level, it has helped me to focus

school improvement priorities more clearly and helped to

improve communication

C lare, HT North West UK


I love this job but the expectations upon us

are immense.

We want to do our best and lead alongside

our line managers.

Corporate client


The leadership coaching has given us a new

energy to handle the pressure

Mark, Senior Leader NW Schools


Following on with the coaching sessions is

one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Bill,Social Worker


Anni has been working corporately and

individually with  leaders for over 5

years now. The fact we keep buying in to the

leadership coaching says it all.

NW Consortium



Anni Poole

Anything is Possible