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Sydney Banks, a Scottish welder discovered the THREE PRINCIPLES in 1973. He describes them as Mind Thought and Consciousness,

'...universal constants that can never change...'

All human experience is created from within from these principles. When we begin to understand how we makes sense of and how we create our personal world, we have access to resilience and clarity of mind.

With this understanding of our human experience- the way we are, day to day, moment to moment, we can enhance the way we see life.



Have you ever wondered how to change aspects of your life?

Have you felt as if you were stuck in a place of discomfort, unable to sense the freedom you knew existed? Experience a new way of being and have a greater understanding of  the way our personal mind works...and because you do - you will use it differently with ease and grace.


Transformative coaching identifies how our personal minds experience life and how we  create our own reality from within us. When we see this, we begin to see a new way of being in the world!

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Resilience is the natural ability of all people to “bounce back,” to recover naturally from setbacks of any kind to regain their balance and sense of well-being. For many years, we have believed it was a ‘learned behavior,” and resilience skills had to be taught. But with advances in psycho-bio-spiritual understanding, we are coming to realize that Resilience is an innate quality that is always accessible, even if not always being accessed


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